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Full Body massage in Bangalore (Deep Tissue, Ayurvedic & more)

Are you looking for full body massage in Bangalore?

The thing is you need to be very careful to choose best massage center in Bangalore.

Because lots of massage centers and parlors don’t know how to do massage. So, you need to enquire them properly to get massage.

We are Twinkle spa having more than 15 years experience in body massage & spa services. Here we explain some of the good full body massage techniques and their benefits.

Twinkle spa located in Bangalore. It has lots of branches in Bangalore. Like Koramangala, Indiranagar, Electronic city, HSR Layout, Brigade Road, MG Road are the most popular areas.

What is Full Body massage?

Full Body massage is the best way to relax your body and mind. It is all about your whole body.

Usually full body massage is doing with oil, cream or powder. The masseur rub your body from top to bottom and give full satisfaction massage. This is called full body massage. This massage costs around 1500 Rs. But if you need extra services like body to body, topless massage, happy ending massage, Nuru massage and something else means it will be extra cost. This is called full body massage in Bangalore.

Full body massage benefits:

Koramangala, HSR Layout, Brigade road areas are most hot city in Bangalore. Various people doing various jobs. There should be lots of work pressure, noise pollution and some times people may irritate you. Those times tension, pressure, body pain and back pain will occur. Many of the people don’t handle those situation. So, that they went tea shop and smoke cigarette or drink alcohol. Those are injurious to health. So What is the better way to relax our body and mind without alcohol or nicotine. Here is the deal body massage. Once you started take body massage the whole body will thank you later.

Body massage is the scientifically proven method to heal our body. Plenty of benefits available in body massage.

First benefit is full body massage helps to reduce stress and tension. Yes you need to take twice in a month to reduce stress, work pressure and tension.

It reduces the body pain, neck pain and lower back pain. This is also common problem for sitting and working people. Mostly IT guys are suffered by this problem. They should take massage once in a while otherwise they will getting older as early as possible. And also they experience lots of health issues in older ages.

Blood circulation will be normal. Because of the high blood pressure many of the human problems occurred. Most common problems are heart attack, pressure, stroke and kidney failure. So, taking massage will reduce the risk of major health problems.

These are some of the main advantage of full body massage.

Visit Twinkle spa to take full body massage.

Deep Tissue massage in Bangalore:

What is Deep tissue massage:

Deep Tissue massage is one among the popular massage therapy in Bangalore. It helps to health deeper muscle in your body. Most of the people suffered by Joint pain, Neck pain, Back pain & Shoulder pain because of muscle tissue not working properly. What we need to do is massage those muscles for better working. That is why deep tissue massage come into the place. Here we are going to see what are the benefits of of deep tissue massage and how to do deep tissue massage parts.

Full Body massage bangalore

How to Do Deep tissue massage?

Deep tissue massage is not like other massages like female to male, Thai, oil & Balinese massage. It is quit different than other massage types. Here are some of the best way to take deep tissue massage. Once you planned to take deep tissue massage then you need to carefully choose massage parlor for deep tissue spa.

Because this is where many people did mistake. Most of the spa persons don’t know the different between deep tissue massage & sandwich massage. So, choosing best massage center really helpful for your body and money. Your body will thank you later once you choose the correct massage parlour.

We are twinkle spa providing massage and spa related services more than 10 years. We have traditional massage therapist they do massage by using their hand. Most of the recent massage parlours use machines to massage your body. But those are not effective. Giving massage manually by hand is the best way.

Contact Twinkle spa for taking best deep tissue massage in Bangalore.

Benefits of Deep tissue massage:

Deep tissue massage the name itself we can tell what are the benefits have this massage. But here I will discuss most common massage benefits. Those are:

It relax your tissues:

Tissue muscle relaxation is important one. Because if you are not relaxing your muscle it will be tighten. After that most of the body problems occurred. So, relaxing your joint muscle is important one. It helps to relief pain on those muscles.

Decrease ageing:

It reduced the ageing speed. Yes this is great benefit of taking this massage once in a month. Tissues and muscles are main reason to show your age. Some tissues will die in particular time if its not working. So, that only we need to stimulate and work properly to decrease ageing.

Release stress, Tension & body pain:

This is the common benefit of all massage technique. Massage helps to increase the potential of the body. If you are suffered by body pain, lower back pain or neck pain. You need to take massage. And Deep tissue massage is the excellent way to heal your muscles.

Improve blood circulation:

Blood circulation will be normal. And it flows correctly to all body parts and muscles. So, that you become healthy and happy.

These are the advantages of deep tissue spa.

Contact us to take Deep tissue massage.

Ayurvedic Massage in Bangalore:

Now a days most of the people looking for massage especially Ayurvedic massage. Because Ayurvedic has lots of health benefits. The most important benefits are Pain Management, Weight management, Panchkarma, Stress Management & Detoxification.

We are Twinkle Spa provides the best Ayurvedic massage service in Bangalore.

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Pain Management Ayurvedic Massage:

This massage is purely based on body pain. Without use of pain killers we only using Ayurvedic remedies and oil to massage your body.

We follow unique concept of Ayurvedic massage and this will reduce the root cause of the pain.

Weight Management:

We started unique health program to start fit and healthy. Bangalore Unique Ayurvedic massage center will help you to get rid of body weight and give healthy life.


It means joint therapy which will help to reduce aging. It increase your body color, youthfulness and you will stay young forever. We are using only natural remedies for eliminating toxins from the body. That is why people believe us and often take Panchakarma from our massage center.


It is the best way to clean your body and soul. If you want to live health and disease free life then you should take Detoxification treatment from us. Book now to live happy and healthier life.

We give treatment for Sight, Sound, Touch, Taste & Smell. That is why mind, body and senses are activating during the treatment.

The Kerala Ayurvedic massage therapies includes:


If you really want to stay younger & healthy then take Kerala Ayurvedic massage. This massage types includes lots of health benefits.

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