Couple Massage

Couple Massage & Balinese Massage in Bangalore

Couple Massage in Bangalore:

As a couple, you probably spend a lot of time with each other.

Chances are good that you eat dinner together, go to the movies, watch TV, and perhaps you live together and spend all of your time with one another.

However, life can get really hectic, and living with someone, or being in a relationship with a person, doesn’t guarantee that you’re spending a lot of quality time with them.

There is something about being close to a person that you truly care about that relaxes you and allows you to be happier – but often in life today there just isn’t time to do all of the things that you would like to do.

Couple massage in bangalore for couples can be the perfect opportunity for you to get close to the person that you love and spend some wonderful time together. At Couple massage Bangalore, you will be able to spend undisturbed, quality time your loved one. As a couple, you’ll experience new ways to relax, as well as take care of your bodies and minds.

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Health and Wellness

Spending time at a spa can be a wonderful means to learn more about your health and how to properly take care of yourselves, and be the path to better health and wellness for the both of you. As you experience various spa sessions, get massages and learn how to take care of your body, your partner will be right there beside you as you open yourselves up to a world of new experiences. What a great time to learn as a couple how to be healthier, both mentally and physically.

Couple Massage center Indiranagar:

couple massage

Going to Couple Spa in Bangalore is great for your relationship as well. As you enjoy massages, facials, masks, and learn different relaxation techniques, the two of you will unwind together; this is a great bonding experience.

In the quiet spaces that a resort spa offers, you’ll be able to spend time just being together and talking, or simply enjoying each other’s company in a peaceful place. Share your feelings and savor the sensation of having nothing to do but concentrate on each other.

No matter how long you have been together, or what else is going on in your life, you should take some time to simply be together, in harmony, as a couple. After going to Couple Spa in Indiranagar (Bangalore) with the person that you love, you’ll find that a whole new world is waiting for you, and you can face it together with confidence. Make the time now and book Couple Spa in Bangalore.

Balinese Massage in Bangalore:

Balinese massage is ancient massage technique which is helpful to increase blood circulation, and reduce anxiety, stress, body pain and sleep issue. Its likely a Homeopathy treatment. Because in Homeopathy they triggers muscles and veins to increase blood circulation. It will help to reduce lots of health problems. Similarly Balinese massage also using trigger technique to improve your body health.

Balinese Massage

Aroma Therapy and Essential oil are combined with this massage and you can feel ultimate relaxation during the massage session. It is a full body, deep tissue and holistic massage treatment. Plenty of people in Bangalore often take Balinese massage because of its benefits.

How to DO Balinese massage?

Balinese massage is ancient massage technique. Ancient people follows Stretching and acupuncture therapy to give this massage. But now a days the improved version of massage included Stretching,  acupuncture, Reflexology, & Aromatherapy. It stimulus your blood circulation and improved your physical system, well-being. It makes you strong and calm person.

Skin rolling, Kneading, Patting and pressure point stimulation also includes when you take this massage service from us.

All is about Focus: Balinese Massage

Many of the massage techniques like Thai massage, Sandwich massage, Nuru massage, Body to body massages are not focused on the particular point. These are full body massages. But Balinese massage is not like that. It is a focused massage and really helpful if you have pain in particular area like foot, knee, joint then we can focus on that point and will provide massage. So, you can target your massage points easily and get rid of pain easily.

Couple Massage

What are the Oils we are using in our spa:

We are using three different oil to provide this massage. This massage provided in a cough. You can lay down after that one oil is for pleasant smelling, second oil is for friction free and third oil is for treatment.

If you want to live healthy life and live strong then you should take this massage. Because it improves your joints and help to stay strong and young. It will take one hour to finish this massage.

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