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Twinklespa is one among the top rated massage center in Bangalore. Here we provide lots of service like Body to Body massage, Female to male massage, Thai, Swedish,  Ayurvedic massage, Nuru massage & more.

Bangalore is emerging fast as the hub of cultures and communities in parallel to emerging as the most talked about town among the professionals.

The trade experts and professionals from different streams love this capital city of Karnataka because of the pleasurable weather all year around.

The beautiful city offers plenty of opportunities to make and flourish the career but only for those who are hardworking. When you work hard to achieve the best, you also need to care yourself.

Out of 15 professional massage parlous, Twinklespa rewarded as the best massage parlour in Bangalore.

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What is a Massage?

sandwich massage

Massage can be explained as a person giving the massage known as Masseuse or masseur applying their body or body parts like hands and fingers on the body of a person getting the Massage to provide therapeutic benefits and/or relaxation. It involves manipulation of muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints and connective tissues. It can be therapeutic, exotic, relaxing, or sexual in nature. The Massages can be broadly classified into following three categories

  • Traditional massages
  • Exotic massages
  • Erotic massages

Traditional massages

These types of Massages are considered to be the basic massaging techniques such as Swedish massage.

The involves a masseur using their fingers, hands, and feet as the tools for performing the Massage. Various massage therapy schools teach this type of massage techniques, the Swedish Massage being the most common and most messages being variations of it.

Exotic massages

As the name implies, this Massage type consists of massaging techniques/practices of places that are considered exotic such as Japan, Hawaii, China, etc. The Hawaiian massage practice called Lomi-Lomi Massage is the commonest exotic massage known to provide relief body aches. Certain Exotic massaging practices consist of a spiritual element.

Erotic massages

It’s considered as the most controversial, yet one of the most popular Massage forms. The client can be either male or female, whereas the masseur is mostly of the opposite sex. This Massage form has been practiced for centuries, it’s believed to be the most sexual of all massaging forms.

The Erotic Massage form is differentiated from other Massage forms on the basis of their principle area of focus. The primary area of focus in this form are the erogenous zones of the client that lead to sexual excitation and relaxation. These are performed to provide pleasure to the client as well as relief from various sexual ailments. The level of intimacy between the client and the masseur is the highest in Erotic massage.

The types of Erotic massages

The Erotic massages are focused on releasing the built-up stress and tension in your body and provide relief from sexual ailments thereby allowing you to enhance your well being. They are not necessarily focused orgasm or ejaculation rather in helping you to focus on the pleasurable experience of the message. The couples benefit the most by experiencing an intimacy otherwise improbable. The common types of erotic massages include Sandwich massage, body to body or Nuru massage, Tantric massage etc.

Full Body massage in Bangalore:

As the fashion of visiting spa clubs or body massage parlors is getting popularity among the communities of youths and elders both, numbers of spa saloons are springing up in all the prominent localities of Bangalore. However, very few of these deliver the real health benefits of spa.

The majority of parlors in Bangalore doesn’t have the adequate facilities and the trained experts to ensure the right process in a convenient way. Such spa clubs get business just because of the attraction of girls but here too majority of visitors get just the dissatisfaction.

Experiencing and analyzing the conditions at most spa and health clubs, we conceptualized ‘Twinklespa’ to make Spa Therapy in Bangalore more meaningful and addressing.

Why the body massage and spa are emerging as the most preferred non-medicated therapy treatments to get the freedom from several types of health problems? The most commonly accepted answer to this question is – it is free from side effects.

The other logic for loving ‘to be at spa club’ is that it delivers health benefits almost instantly. In addition, many people accept spa as the necessity in over busy lifestyle to keep the body relaxed, toned and rejuvenated.

True, when most of us are working hard physically and mentally both for 8 -10 hours or even up to 12 hours a day, we definitely need quality spa.

Any type of spa you chose at Twinklespa, our holistic approach covers all the relevant issues concerned to body, soul and mind. Going to spa parlor in Bangalore or calling a spa girl is a fantastic idea but which is the spa type that you actually need?

Female to Male massage in Bangalore:

It is a very popular type of body massage service in Bangalore. Here female masseur going to rub male receiver with her body. It is kind of body to body rub. But boobs helps male to get excite and experience the awesome relaxation.

All Male needs to take this massage once in a lifetime. It should be a heaven for first time massage takers. That is why we assign trained masseur to rub your body. Female to male massage helps to maintain the body temperature, reduce pressure & body pain.

Body To Body Massage In Bangalore:

Not many things in life are more sensuous than a body to body massage in Bangalore. During this treatment, the therapist is going to utilize her body’s natural curves to provide an array of amazing sensations for you to enjoy. In fact, a body to body rub in Bangalore is probably the most effective rub you can have for reenergizing yourself.

You need to take a hot bath before starting the ritual. This will help to prepare your senses and also get you all set for the stimulations. Following this, you must lie down on the massage table after putting on a towel. You will be asked queries by the therapist relating to your personal preferences and expectations so that she is able to hone the experience only for you. After this, your preferred massage oil will be applied and the therapist will use her nude body to provide you with a therapy. At the end of the session, you must take a nice shower to rinse off any remaining massage oil.

Men who would like to improve their sexual vitality and invigorate themselves with definitely find this body to body rub ideal for them. Nevertheless, female clients are also known to appreciate this type of treatment at present.

Doorstep Massage in Bangalore:

Doorstep massage is also called as Home massage. In this type we provide masseur to your doorstep. We are the best doorstep spa center in Bangalore. We have lots of female and male masseur available in our spa center. In call and outcall massages also available in Twinkle spa.

Many of the professionals don’t have time to visit massage center and get relaxation. So, that we introduce doorstep massage. In this type you can just call to our helpline and ask them to you need doorstep massage. You can select the masseur image. We send them over on WhatsApp. After that you can tell your address and we can directly send the professionals to your place at particular date and time. In this type you can choose variety of massages like body to body, oil massage, sandwich massage, nuru massage, thai & erotic massage.

Topless Massage in Bangalore:

Do you know about this massage?

This is the special type of massage exclusive for males. The female masseur gives massage without tops. This is also called as Booby massage. The body to body contraction helps to create heat and friction. This helps to heal your body and mind. It gives wonderful relaxation. The Gel or cream used to create the friction between two bodies. By using their boobs they give massage to your front body as well as back body. Think about it.

This massage has lots of benefits. Those are it helps to reduce your body pain. It helps to rejuvenate your soul. The topless massage is wonderful for stimulating body muscles and tissues.

Deep Tissue massage:

Deep tissue massage is most of the persons favorite massage. This massage has lots of benefits. People often suffered by body pain, neck pain & lower back pain. If you are one among those you need to consider deep tissue massage. Clients from Koramangala, Indiranagar, Electronic city, Jayanagar, MG Road are often suffered by body pain.

We received lots of phone calls regarding this issue. So, we suggest them to take deep tissue spa. Now everybody told this technique is really awesome to relieve stress and body pain.

This is the current scenario of Bangalore. This is the very simple process. Many of the people taking pills for body pain. But the result is not good. The suffered during their life time. But once they take deep tissue massage definitely they can see the good change and result.

Sensual or Organism Massage:

Not only hand, legs & shoulder needs massage but also other sensual parts. I think you know what I mean. Yes, sensual massage is only for your private areas. Those are very soft and special. So, we need to take care of those areas with special massage technique. That is why sensual and organism massages are came to the place. Here we give beautiful massage over your sensual areas. The massage will help to stimulate your sexual pleasure and also it helps to boost your sexual power.

You need to take massage over your sensual areas. So, that only the blood circulation will be normal those areas. If you don’t take massage those areas the your sexual life will be gone in some days. Take care of those areas if you want longer and harder sexual quality.

Thai massage:

Thai massage is ancient healing massage which helps to heal your whole body. This is the famous massage technique for removing toxin from your body. We have Thai massage specialist in our spa. Those specialist are from Thailand and they trained by Thai massage academy in their native place. So, you don’t worry about quality and service. Many of the spa centers provide Thai massage without knowing the definition.

If you went those areas they will definitely cheat on you and your money will be gone. So, Visit Twinkle spa to take one of the best Thai massage service in Bangalore.

Stroking, Kneading, Rubbing, Pushing, Pulling and many of the techniques used to massage your body. This is like Yoga massage but consist of many other techniques also. Thai massage is best for younger people. Mostly we don’t recommend Thai massage for persons whose age is more than 50. It heals your total body and give good relaxation.

What Happens When you get Thai Massage

The Thai massage serves a good memory and is worth remembering as it leave us feeling relaxed, and gives a mystifying experience. It is good for the mind, body, and soul. Expecting at least 60 minutes from start to finish is an ideal massage option.

A team of friendly, softly-spoken staff greets the visitor you at the spa’s reception with warmth. You have arrived at the gate of warmth and in the Land of Smiles. It is rejuvenating and is considered a highly regarded practice.

The therapist will lead you to a chair in the area meant for the massage and your feet are washed and oiled well. The deep fragrance takes you to another world and you are ready for receiving an exhilarating experience. Warm water is poured over your feet to remove the accumulated dust to get you relaxed, purified and ready.

The Benefits

It heals the mind and body. Since the massage is based on the Buddhist principle of cultivating oneness and generosity, people receive a deep spiritual experience. There are multiple benefits of it:

It relaxes the body: It is the best way of increasing flexibility and strength of the body. It reduces muscle spasm and tension. It causes enhanced flow of energy by correcting the posture. You feel energetic and fresh.

It relaxes the mind: A deep relaxation of mind can be felt after the session. According to experts, it connects the mind and body resulting in an emotional balance and stability of thoughts. A positive attitude gets developed.

It improves health: According to the Thai concepts, a body with a full flow of energy becomes healthy and strong. There is a boost in immunity levels and an overall improvement in health. Increased vitality gives more power to fight against infections and illness.

Why You need to visit Twinkle Spa to take Thai massage in Bangalore?

Angel spa is one among the popular spa in Bangalore. Here we provide lots of massage services like body to body, female to male, deep tissue and erotic massage services. Being the best spa in bangalore we received the best massage center award in the year of 2016 & 2017. Hope 2018 also going to be great year for us.

The achievement is only possible with our masseur. Yes, we have international standard massage therapist to do services for our customers. That is why people often visit Angel Spa to take body massage in bangalore.

It is one of the most fabulous traditions from the ‘Land of Smiles’ as the country is popularly known as. The unique style is available in Twinkle Spa (best massage center in Bangalore).

Price of the Thai Sandwich & Full body massage is: 3000 Rs only.

Foot Massage:

Foot massage has lots of benefits. The whole body nerves are joined in the foot areas. Each section is referred as each part. Head, Eye, Hand, Back and all body parts connected to foot. So, if we take foot massage properly then we can see the great results in overall body.

Foot massage is often referred as Foot spa in Bangalore. You can contact us for taking foot massage in Bangalore.


Many people refer to Reflexology as a foot massage. However, it is more involved than simply rubbing the feet. Reflexology is based upon the Acupressure points that reside in the foot. The belief is that stimulation and massage on these points will connect at various times throughout the body.


Otherwise known as Japanese Massage, Shiatsu uses the same pressure points in Chinese Acupressure and Acupuncture to perform deep tissue bodywork.

Hot Stone Massage:

This types of massage uses hot or heated stones that are placed on certain points in the body. The heat from the stones relaxes tight and tense muscles and is believed to bring balance to the body.

Pregnancy or Prenatal Massage:

This massage is used to help promote circulation, relaxation, and reduce stress in expectant mothers. It is important that pregnant women use a professional to perform these massages as too much stimulation may have an adverse effect on the baby. Pregnant women should also be in specific positions while they are being massaged as well.


Advantages of body massage:

1. Total relaxation

There is no doubt about the fact that a body to body massage in Bangalore is one of the most enjoyable treatments you will ever come across in your life. It is possible to achieve an elevated state of pleasure very easily as soon as the rubbing treatment starts.

2. Enhances overall health

The overall health of your heart will be enhanced considerably by a body to body massage in Bangalore. Since there is a reduction in blood pressure during the process, your heart is going to function optimally.

3. Enhances blood flow and reduces blood pressure

This type of sensuous kneading can help to enhance your blood flow significantly. Consequently, this will help the other organs within your system to function at an optimal level by providing them with a better supply of oxygen.

4. Minimizes muscle tension

Body to body rubbing in Bangalore is an extremely effective treatment for coping with muscle stress despite the fact that it is actually intended to be extremely enjoyable. During the treatment, the therapist is going to target the strained regions to ensure that the muscles become fully relaxed.

5. Deals with anxiety and stress

The great thing regarding body to body massage is that it may also be used to protect against stress and anxiety. Following a long day of strenuous work, you can easily go back to a completely stress-free condition after experiencing a body to body massage.

6. Boosts your sexual power

The sensuous character of a body to body palpation also helps to manage sexual disorder. If you wish to enhance your orgasm quality or if you are encountering problems to control your sexual energy, make use of a body to body massage treatment to help you.

Besides these above-mentioned benefits, a body to body rubbing in Bangalore also enables you to discover yourself both spiritually as well as physically. This will make you feel totally at ease with yourself as well as self-confident. In this way, a sensuous body to body massage will definitely help a lot to improve the overall quality of your life.

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Spa Massage center in Bangalore:      

Ayurvedic Spa: Twinklespa offers the variety of Ayurvedic Spas in Bangalore perfectly blended for rejuvenation and therapeutic treatment. Our beautiful young girls add glamour to traditional practices but keep the essence of authentic Ayurved intact.

Ayurvedic spa treatments are being tried and tested for over the centuries; our experts also innovate new ways to maximize the instant relief. Ayurvedic spa therapist concentrates on clearing all the energy channels, balancing the energy points and flushing out all the toxins. We use only the pure and herbal products to ensure the best and speedy recoveries.

Medical Spa: Our Medical spas are designed to make you experience the improvement in health, wellness and beauty. We have expanded the dimensions of medi – spas; for us, it is much more than the beauty spa. The medical spa is the fastest growing segment in wellness therapy industry. Our trained spa experts use the particular herbs and extracts to treat the particular problem through medical process.

Stress Management Spa: Everyone among us is suffering from the stress problems. Our anti- stress spa program includes the healing and relaxing treatments. Stress Management Spa is highly beneficial for the people who want an escape from the disturbing emotions and busy schedules.

Healing Spa: At Twinklespa, we apply the innovative techniques to use the 100% organic herbs and extracts which have been certified highly effective by the quality labs to deliver you the soothing experience. The way to layer the superior quality products and to wrap it for the recommended period makes our beautiful spa girls different.

Anti-Ageing Spa: If you are worried about the growing wrinkles at your face, dark circles under your eyes, loose skin at cheeks etc, you are advised to experience our Anti-Ageing Spa in Bangalore. You might be using different herbal products for over the years to stop the aging effects but the selection of right product and the strategic application by the experts make the difference in yields.

Besides the above, we offer world-class services for relaxation spa, pampering spa, detox spa and thermal spa also. As we provide spa and massage services throughout Bangalore for over the years, we would like you to know the thin line between spa and body massage. The spa is a treating process more focused to make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed with broaden concept, while body massage is the activity more focused to take care of problems like stressed muscles, cramps, tired mind etc. In other words, we can say that body rub is a stream of spa.

Body Massage in Bangalore:

We don’t believe in making big promises but we deliver the excellence to make you believe us. As being the trend-setter for Body Massage Services providers in Bangalore, we offer the best in class facilities with widened variety. The variety of services, we offer, includes herbal massage, deep tissue, Doorstep, nude, back massage, tantra, Thai, penis and couple massage etc.

The immediate reliefs, you can expect from the body massage by our trained friendly masseuses, are not limited to stress reduction, reduction in osteoarthritis pain, reduction in postoperative pain, reduction in anxiety, reduction in chronic neck pain, reduction in muscle tension, improvement in exercise performance, improvement in cardio health, reduction in low-back pain etc. Our spa girls also make you feel better if you are suffering from depression, sleep loss and headaches etc. If you are suffering from low blood pressure and Rheumatoid Arthritis, you definitely need to book a massage girl at Twinklespa.

Massage Services Bangalore:     

Our spa experts are always engaged to do something new in the trade; so, we have set numbers of examples for the new entrants. The organized services, fair selection of massage girls, female spa specialists, high investment to provide the best in industry facilities at our spa centers, reliable network, efficient support etc make us different in the industry.

Our parlor is spacious, scented and well maintained. Interiors create a nostalgic effect to keep you in mood to romance with our open-minded spa and body massage girls. Privacy is the prime concern at all the massage and spa centers in Bangalore being managed by us; so, you feel coziness in the company of young girls and housewives.

The personalization of services has been our prime focus. We offer spa and body massage services in any area of Bangalore.

At present, our spa and massage girls in Bengaluru are strategically located to serve you in all the prominent localities including MG Road Area, Indiranagar, Marathahalli, Koramangala, Ulsoor, JP Nagar, Hebbal, Malleswaram etc. If you wish to live king size lifestyle for the days without break, we offer call girl cum massage girls also who will accompany you even outside of Bangalore.

Whosoever you choose, we guarantee the best worth of your money. Many of our Call Girls and Escorts are trained in spa and massage tasks also; these smart girls deliver the out of class health benefits in parallel to great pleasure. Are you still waiting? Book a massage /spa girl at Twinklespa to make your fantasies live.

Have you ever thought of mixing pleasure with massage or spa benefits? Yes, it seems like a dream come true but we at Twinklespa make it possible. We have some spa and rubbing girls who are open to acting as the call girl also.

As being the prominent massage club/spa club organizer in Bengaluru, we offer wide range of options to let you play with the opponent of your liking. We have wide collection of profiles and photographs to find the best partner for steamy love session. Once you detail your preference, we share the profile with photograph following the comprehensive package model.

body to body

Our transparent and organized business structure impresses not only the clients but also the ladies working for us or willing to work for us. Therefore, the data base of girls, aunties and independent housewives working for us as model escort, VIP escort or call girl in Bangalore is expanding fast; that’ why, every deal with us is fresh.

Our independent call girls, housewives, and aunties have a social reputation because they are from the high profile society; therefore, we emphasize to make every deal a perfect deal in terms of security, privacy, cost, scope, and other terms.

Call us for taking body massage in Bangalore.

About Our Massage centre:

We are the traditional massage service providers. Being one of the Best Body Massage in Bangalore, here we offer plenty of services to our clients. Our services are Female to male massage, Body to Body massage, Oil massage, Nuru massage, couple massage, Erotic body massage, Sensual massage and more.

People are often suffered due to Body pain, muscle pain, and joint pain. Some people don’t know how to control a headache, pressure, and tension. We are promised once you take a massage with us, your all kind of Body problems should be relieved. We have specially trained masseuses to give treatment for customers body. All are trained by Twinkle Spa training academy in Bangalore. In that academy, we provide all complete training about behavior, customer satisfaction, a special type of treatments and body language. So, you can visit our Spa to take any kind of massage with full of confident.

What to expect at Body massage in Bangalore

At Twinkle spa, you can order for your favorite spa therapist in and enjoy all the benefits above in the comfort of your home or wherever you so desire. We call it Spa services at your door step. Just like the way you add products to your shopping cart at online stores and check out products, premium spa services are now available at your door step. This service is exclusively for our clients and prospects in Bangalore.

Simply choose from the array of extremely professional therapist on this site and contact our customer care and you are set up for a breathtaking, never to be forgotten spa experience. The therapist are selected to satisfy a wide range of clients and exceed your expectations. Therapist are well trained in the art and science of the different types of massage.

Based on the increasingly hectic lifestyle of Bangalore, is bringing flexibility that has never been experienced in India. Apart from physical and mental wellness, priority is also given to scientifically proven health benefits of massage therapies. Bangalore, a buzzing city may not give allowance for regular visits at spa, hence our spa is offering unique, tailor made services at your convenience in the comfort of your rooms, parlous, offices, etc…

Our services are:

  • B2B massage

  • Nuru massage

  • Nude massage

  • Call girls in Bangalore

  • Escorts in Bangalore

  • Independent call girls in Bangalore

  • College girls escort service

  • Sensual massage

  • Spa & salon

  • Organism massage

  • Sensual massage in Bangalore

  • Trantric massage

  • Lingam massage service

  • Bangalore cheap massage center

  • Topless massage bangalore

  • Professional massage bangalore

  • Affordable massage in bangalore

  • Russian massage

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