Female to Male massage in Bangalore – F2M massage center

In Bangalore female to male massage also called F2M massage in Bangalore, is probably the most popular form of massage with both locals and a significant amount of tourists. Making Bangalore the new Mecca of massage.

female to male

Bangalore’s female to male massage techniques are applied when the massage therapist(s)/partner(s) is a female, massaging a male client in a session that sometimes end with sex or a happy ending as known by enthusiasts.

Some of the reasons that have made it popular in Bangalore include:

1. Relaxation – Bangalore’s female to male massage, just like all forms of massage is relaxing, especially with the current level of stress experienced by modern professionals from their busy city life. It’s no wonder why tourists come in droves to Bangalore to seek the much needed relief from their busy city lives through the Bangalore’s female to male massage.

2. Improves men’s sexual function – Female to male massage involves very high erotic sensations and stimulation, especially when combined with an erotic massage or a full body massage . It is believed that even men with poor sexual function will notice a significant improvement in their sexual sensations, response and function after taking a female to male massage.

3. Stress relieving- Female to male massage will improve the client’s health as a secondary benefit to relieving the client’s stress because a stress free client will avoid most of the stress related diseases like depression, hypertension and many others, resulting into a healthier person overall.

4. Pain relieving – Female to male massage techniques have the ability to reduce pain when done properly. Some of the clients to whom female to male massage is recommended to relieve their pain include cancer patients.

5. Improves blood circulation – Female to male massage technique especially when performed together, with a full body massage or a Thai massage has the added benefit of improving blood circulation, which is good for skin health and the overall health of the client.

How female to male body massage is done;

1. Participants;

Female to male massage is done by either two or three participants. The female massage attendant/partner and a male client or two massage attendants/therapist and a male client, which is called a sandwich massage- where two female massage therapists/attendant, massage a male client simultaneously from opposite directions.

2. Environment

Most female to male massage parlors in Bangalore offer the options of either having the massage done at the massage parlor or at the client’s place of residence (either home or hotel). The environment is cleansed with sandal wood scents , soaps and oils can also be used and the massage can be performed on the bed, the floor or in a sitting position.

3. Packages

Massage parlors in Bangalore offer female to male massage in different packages:

Full body massage: Here the male client is massaged by a female therapists with each and every part of her body either in complete nude or with underwear.

Nude massage: like the name suggests its done with both the female massage therapist and the male client in the nude for deeper sensations. it’s mostly accompanied by a full body massage.

Erotic massage: The female therapist uses massage techniques on sexually sensitive body areas of the male client in order to improve his sexual response and arousal.